Brandywine Senior Transitions LLC - Senior Move Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I contact you?

First, Brandywine Senior Transitions will conduct a preliminary phone interview with you to understand your Senior Move Manager needs and explain our services.  Then, in most cases, we will follow up with a complimentary consultation at your home to refine the project scope and schedule.

  •  Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured Senior Move Managers!

  • Are you members of NASMM?

Brandywine Senior Transitions is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  In fact, we are part of the Association's Diamond Society!  These are companies in good standing within the Association for more than ten years....It is a very small group!

  • What areas do you serve?

Our Senior Move Manager services cover southeastern Pennsylvania and the entire state of Delaware.  Contact us regarding our availability to serve neighboring areas.

  • Still curious about how Brandywine Senior Transitions can help with your specific transition?

Most transitions are addressed by one of the scenarios us for more information about what  Brandywine Senior Transitions can do for you. 

Transition Scenarios

I'm going to be in rehab for a while following my hip replacement.  Why should I have you watch my home while I’m away? My neighbors always take care of my home for me.

Good neighbors are great but hospital and rehab stays can be unpredictable.  Brandywine Senior Transitions can take the worry out of extended absences.. 

We can check on your home weekly, arrange for repairs, lawn care and snow removal, make sure your bills are paid, ready your home for your return and even secure a companion at your request. 

We’ll be there for you – no worrying about asking anyone for a favor, no concerns about imposing upon friends and neighbors for their kindnesses.

My aging parents live in Lewes, Delaware…I live in San Antonio, Texas. They need assistance selecting and moving into a nearby independent living community, but I live so far away. How can you help me help them?

Our Senior Move Managers help folks like your parents relocate to assisted living or retirement communities.

We do everything from helping them explore local housing options to planning the move to assisting them in the setup of their new home…and everything in between. We’ll even work with your parents to dress their home for optimal sale – a great plus in today's competitive real estate market.

Call or email Brandywine Senior Transitions today!


I'm moving to a cottage at a local Continuing Care Retirement Community?  Why should I have Brandywine Senior Transitions handle my move? Can't I do it all myself?

Packing and moving from one location to another can be exhausting - especially if you're downsizing at the same time.

Many folks have made the move on their own but very few will tell you that it was quick and easy. In fact, seniors (and their families) tell us the whole effort was a major source of stress that they would have preferred to do without.

Why not let Brandywine Senior Transitions' senior move manager services relieve that stress by doing the work for you? Call or email us today!

My mother is moving into an assisted living facility and won't need many of the household items she owns. What can I do with her surplus possessions?

Brandywine Senior Transitions has a network of vendors to deal with all aspects of dispositioning excess personal effects whether you're looking for a monetary return, a tax deduction, the gratitude of family or friends, or just a speedy answer for an empty house

We arrange for valuable items to be appraised. For items you want to sell we find the right dealer, auctioneer, EBay trading agent or liquidator. We have donations picked up by local charities and make sure you get appropriate documentation for tax purposes. We also take care of having items shipped to family or friends. 

Why not make one phone call today, and let us do the rest for you!

I'm selling my home.  Why should I clean, repair, and dress my home for sale? It seems like a lot of bother and expense.

Home buyers want the same thing you do - a clean, attractive home they can imagine living in.

According to Money Magazine (11/2004), cleaning, repairing and dressing your home for sale can "help make your home appeal to a wider audience by eliminating distractions...The result is a neutral but attractive environment that lets the bones of the home shine through." This effort pays off in homes that sell faster and at better prices than homes put on the market without some polishing.

Don't want to do it all yourself? No problem!   Our Senior Move Managers can help you make the most from one of your biggest assets.

I'm the executor of my father’s estate in Delaware but I live and work in California and don’t have the time to keep flying back and forth to do everything that needs to be done.  What can I do?

Call or email Brandywine Senior Transitions today! We can take care of everything per your wishes to make the disposition of your father’s estate worry-free.

We arrange to have estate possessions and property appraised (as necessary) and distributed per your father's wishes.  This includes working with the appropriate vendors to sell items, shipping bequests to family and friends and donating items to charity. 

We can also performing weekly home checks for security purposes and dress your father’s home for optimal sale. We’ll even interact with realtors as you direct!